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After yet another non-appearance of a cheque that was supposed to be on its way since well before Christmas, I’ve decided that all future business customers will have to pay a deposit (by Paypal, to forestall any more “the cheque’s in the post” excuses) before I start any work for them. I know times are […]

Quantum Stupidity

Homeopathy with Dr. Werner Dr Werner is a homeopath and here she claims that the latest discoveries in science prove homeopathy. Unfortunately, all her video proves is how staggeringly ignorant she is about science. She confuses mass with density; she gets Einstein’s equation wrong; she thinks that Stephen Hawkings (sic) thought up String Theory (wrong); […]

Life etc…..

…in astrological terms, being 59 means you’re in the middle of your second Saturn Return, when Saturn transits its own place for the second time in your life. It’s generally regarded as a pretty heavy time, of restrictions and difficulties. By accident, I’ve just stumbled on the blog of a fellow astrologer who was born […]

Watching Me, Watching You…

Living in a remote(ish) rural paradise far from the milling wotsits, I tend to miss quite a lot of things going on in the rest of the country. For instance, I’ve only just become aware of this anti-terrorist poster poster campaign going on. It sounds like something dreamed up by a satirist; unfortunately, it’s not. […]

Mind Your Cs and Ks….

Long ago, in some history of advertising, I read that 70s British ad-makers had shorthand codes for the various TV commercial setups. The most-used setup of the time – two women in a kitchen discussing The Product – was called “Two Cs in a K”; ‘K’ standing for kitchen and ‘C’, well….. For some reason, […]

Cheesed Off Again…

Having got the new online Transit almost ready to upload, I have been told that I’ve got it wrong. Which I didn’t. Originally, I was told that Transit would cease hardcopy publication, but would continue online, with its own dedicated site. So I worked at developing a super-whizzy, Web2.0 online magazine with articles, video content […]


…..are pagan websites so generally awful? I’ve spent the last hour going through the listings on the Oakleaf Circle site, checking for dead links. There were some beautifully-designed sites there, but they were in the minority. Honestly I have never seen so many animated gifs, cheesy clipart, misused fonts and violent colour schemes (purple on […]

A Bit of Politics….

Take a look at this picture. It’s from an LJ comm for Russian-speaking Israeli soldiers engaged in the current Gaza offensive (found via a comment on Lenins Tomb). The blog’s all in Russian, so I’ve looked at the pictures. This one, for me, really epitomises the obscenity of the war. A grinning Israeli soldeier sits […]

Peed Orf…

Did not get to Preston today. Got to the coach and got told extremely brusquely that it was fully booked and I couldn’t get a ticket. I had wondered if I should book a seat beforehand. But I couldn’t put any money on my PAYG card until yesterday, and it takes at least a day […]


I am bloody angry. We heat our house with coal. The coalman has just been for the fortnightly delivery, and the price of coal has gone up