Did not get to Preston today. Got to the coach and got told extremely brusquely that it was fully booked and I couldn’t get a ticket.
I had wondered if I should book a seat beforehand. But I couldn’t put any money on my PAYG card until yesterday, and it takes at least a day for cash to arrive on the card. In any case, when I checked the coach on the National Express website, there was nothing about it being booked up.
B had to dump me at the bus stop and go off to ferry Son off somewhere. So after failing to get on the coach I had to wait in town to be picked up. While walking along King Street to the pickup point, my left knee, the one that’s been bothering me most of the week, more or less collapsed. I managed to continue walking, but extremely slowly; luckily, there was a seat where I could wait for B.
So not only did I not get to see family, but I can now barely walk.
Yes, I’m properly peed off….. (especially with National Express).

And watching the news isn’t making me feel any better. Decided to avoid watching any more tonight – or I’ll break something. Or scream. Or do something else very bad.