Living in a remote(ish) rural paradise far from the milling wotsits, I tend to miss quite a lot of things going on in the rest of the country. For instance, I’ve only just become aware of this anti-terrorist poster poster campaign going on. It sounds like something dreamed up by a satirist; unfortunately, it’s not. People really are being told to watch out for and report people photographing CCTV cameras (because they could be terrorists reconnoitring a bomb target!!) and neighbours who put an unusual number of empty cleaning products bottles in their bin (because they could be bomb-making terrorists!!)
Well, of course, terrorists are ALWAYS out photographing CCTV cameras, aren’t they? And of course they want us to think that they use all these cleaning products because they like a clean house.
Hopefully, it won’t last. The CCTV poster has already been reported to the Advertising Standards Authority. And an internet campaign to ridicule them is gathering momentum – parodies of the posters are appearing everywhere (there’s even a group on Flckr). If you want to make your own parody, there’s a tool here.
Here’s my own effort:CCTV poster