Long ago, in some history of advertising, I read that 70s British ad-makers had shorthand codes for the various TV commercial setups. The most-used setup of the time – two women in a kitchen discussing The Product – was called “Two Cs in a K”; ‘K’ standing for kitchen and ‘C’, well…..
For some reason, this has always stuck in my mind. Which is why, if you are ever in my house on a Saturday morning at 9.30, when I’ve just switched on BBC’s News 24 and hit the beginning of the regular five-minute trailer for Saturday Kitchen (BBC1’s asinine Saturday morning cookery programme featuring a grinning himbo and some Z-list slebs pretending to cook) instead of anything that remotely resembles news, you’ll find me shouting “Cs in a K! Cs in a K!” and throwing cushions at the screen until it all stops.