Don’t worry fans – I’m still here. Just not felt moved enough to write anything for a long time.
Busy getting on with work, putting a customised ZenCart shop together for Elfin Diaries. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this particular ecommerce platform, and the last two weeks have been a steep learning curve. But I’m more or less on top of it now and the site will probably be live in a couple of days – provided the company responsible for processing credit card payments from the site stop being silly buggers and get on with providing the necessary templates.
And once that’s sorted, I have plenty to get on with – I’m back to laying out the annual Elfin Diary; plus, I’ve been offered work designing website templates. So things are looking up. And also getting very busy – I seem to be chained to this dammed computer some days. But it’s going to pay some bills, which is always a bonus.
Right now, I’m on my own for a couple of days – B has gone off to a camp without me. No, we haven’t fallen out, it’s just that I don’t especially like camping any more – I really prefer a soft bed, a warm house and my own kitchen.
Have to admit that it’s a bit strange being in the house without him – I’m not used to it. Which is why I’m sitting up way past my usual bedtime; been passing the time today cleaning and tidying, so I should be dropping with tiredness, but I’m not.

Anyways, will try to sleep now. And I will try to post here more than once a month.