So we’ve had a houseful of guests this weekend. Lots of food, lots of talk – and drink was taken!
Naturally, no work was done. B’s had a bad back for several days, meaning I’ve been doing lots of running around, resulting in an extremely complaining knee. Which at least gave the two of us an excuse to lounge on the sofa while everybody else washed up.
Ian and Kath bought along some organic veggies from their garden – it too late for the main meal on Saturday night, but I had some of their potatoes, carrots and chard tonight, steamed and served with braised mushroom. Extremely nomworthy!
Now that everybody’s left for home, we’ve got the house back to ourselves – it was nice having people here, but we both rather prefer it this way.

And now I’m finishing off the wine. Only a couple of glassfuls, but I know from previous experience that I’ll probably be suffering tomorrow. however, as the lady said, tomorrow is another day….