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My Work

Screenshot of my current layout and typesetting project, using Affinity Publisher I’ve been using DTP (Desktop Publishing) programs since (I think) 1996, trying out a few and finally sticking with Serif PagePlus. We wanted to print a small quarterly magazine and PagePlus was cheap and easy to use. Other people started asking us to design […]


These last three weeks have been incredibly busy. First, the first batch of Elfin Diaries arrived from the printer at least three weeks earlier than I’d expected, while I was still trying to unravel the structural mess that is the Astrological Association website and before I’d got the Elfin Diaries site sorted with new e-commerce […]

Just busy

Hmmm. Don’t seem to be doing anything worth writing about these days. I spend my time in front of the computer, busy with lots of things – putting the 2013 Elfin Diary together, checking emails, reading Facebook and blogs. Today, I’m updating the Oakleaf Circle site – there are updates that have been waiting since […]


Well, got rid of all the first consignment of Elfin Diaries and still got hundreds of orders to fulfill. Another consignment should arrive any minute now. I’ve tidied up my desk, got all the labels and printer ready, got the order lists printed out. So now I’m sat here just tapping my fingers. I’ve decided […]

New Start…..

…Yes, I’m not posting here much lately, am I? That’s because the Elfin Diary is really taking off now – orders are coming in daily and I haven’t even had the first batch of Diaries delivered yet. If sales continue at this rate, I’m on target for breaking even; in fact, I could quite possibly […]

Balloon’s Up…..

So now the Elfin Diary site has been live since Monday, and taking orders for 2012 diaries and T-Shirts for the last 24 hours. I’ve sent out an email newsletter to the 350 or so people on my Elfin Diary mailing list and so far I’ve had three Paypal orders. Hopefully, people will eventually be […]


Well, I’m landed with the Elfin Diary good and proper. Before I took it on, I had some idea it would be easy; after all, wasn’t most of the work in the laying out of the pages, the entering of the data, the research, the proof-reading and so on? I was already doing all that, […]

Good work….

Have spent the whole day designing! Decided this morning that the Elfin Diary site needed a spruce-up before the shop site opens and next year’s Diaries go on sale. Didn’t ask Caroline about it, and haven’t heard what she thinks of it. But even if she hates it and tells me to put it back […]

Nope, Still Here…

Don’t worry fans – I’m still here. Just not felt moved enough to write anything for a long time. Busy getting on with work, putting a customised ZenCart shop together for Elfin Diaries. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this particular ecommerce platform, and the last two weeks have been a steep learning curve. […]


I wish I could get more of a focus in my working life. I’ve got some web design projects I want to get on with, but can’t decide which to get on with properly. I start one, then decide I want to do something else for a while, then I find some interesting web page […]