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Techie Stuff

Another Review (Notes… part deux)

I’ve recently discovered Markdown and it looks quite handy – a simple markup language that produces formatted text that can be exported to HTML and PDF without further conversion. It’s an attractive idea but I couldn’t see any way I needed to use it, since I’ve already got at least a dozen fully-featured text editors […]

Notes (the taking of…)

Back in 2001, I acquired the beta version of a handy little piece of software called Jot+ Notes and I’ve been using it ever since for, well, notes. All kinds of notes – to-do lists, text copied off web pages, a personal journal, lists, random jottings etc etc. It’s really useful; it has nested subpages […]

Review: Serif WebPlus

I’m a big fan of Serif software – I’ve been using their PagePlus DTP program since v2 – which came out sometime in the mid-90s. Since then I’ve also added two other Serif programs, Photoplus and Drawplus. I’m happy with the performance of all three and use them all the time. But until now, I’ve […]

Ghost update

It doesn’t look like I’ll be abandoning WordPress yet. The beta version of Ghost was released the other day and I promptly downloaded my freebie copy. However, I had second thoughts when I read the install instructions; simply getting it working on my development server required me to download four further pieces of software, including […]

All ears

Update on the audiobooks: The Kindle cable I ordered finally arrived yesterday, a full week after I’d ordered it. When I went to the site to find out how to download my book, I had a distinct Homer Simpsom moment – I’d been so determined to download onto my Kindle that I’d completely missed […]


Busy with computing-related work. Got to get the Elfin Diary for next year finished pronto, which means spending days keyboarding in stuff. I really wish now I was better at programming – a bit of (relatively) simple VB or C++ magic would probably get the whole job done in hours instead of weeks. And I’m […]

Good work….

Have spent the whole day designing! Decided this morning that the Elfin Diary site needed a spruce-up before the shop site opens and next year’s Diaries go on sale. Didn’t ask Caroline about it, and haven’t heard what she thinks of it. But even if she hates it and tells me to put it back […]

Summer is acoming….

Well, it seems to be here at last. A couple of days of sun and warmth. Spent most of today in the garden, tidying up the grass mowings, then lounging with a book. I have been trying to get more exercise over th e last couple of weeks, mainly by walking up the hill opposite […]

Why Are Some People Content With Ugly?

Just had a look at the website of a local (minor) author – it’s one of the ugliest I’ve seen in a long while. It was produced by a supposedly professional design company. Going to their website and looking through their portfolio I found not only dozens of design-failure horrors – piss-poor in terms of […]

Nope, Still Here…

Don’t worry fans – I’m still here. Just not felt moved enough to write anything for a long time. Busy getting on with work, putting a customised ZenCart shop together for Elfin Diaries. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this particular ecommerce platform, and the last two weeks have been a steep learning curve. […]