Almost finished the Windows Hotline site. I’d started out thinking it would be a very simple bit of work – a straightforward HTML site with some slideshow galleries for the products. A fortnight’s work at most. But of course, rapid complications developed. First, the client hated the template and logo I’d lovingly crafted, so I had to spend another week designing something he did like. And then more complications and difficulties, some technical, some not.
As I said, it’s almost finished; a lot of the delays have been caused by technical problems with the hosting company, and one of these problems still isn’t fully resolved. But I’m within a day or so of getting the client’s sign-off, which is when I can send out my invoice. I’ve already planned what to spend the money on.
Today, in the meantime, I’m catching up on some of the urgent maintenance and upgrading of some of my other sites – I’d promised an overhaul of the AA Diary design by Sunday, plus I want to get on with a total redesign of this blog.

So, hopefully, I can get back to blogging a bit more frequently. At home here, there’s nothing much to write about except the weather. In short: RAIN RAIN RAIN. Haven’t been out today to see what the roads are like, but there’s bound to be flooding and impassible roads on both sides of the Loch. We’ve plenty of supplies and, sat on a hillside, the houses here aren’t in any danger of flooding. So we can just sit it out.