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December 2009


Still very quiet here, still relaxing (mostly). I’m still working on updating three websites, and also thinking hard about changing the Oakleaf Circle site over to a CMS. At least twice in the past, I’ve attempted to do this but had to abandon the effort. However, since then I’ve had more practice using WordPress as […]

T’is the Night Before Christmas…

Well actually it’s still the afternoon, but what the heck. Got the Yule feasting done, got the big food shop over with, the coal bunker is full, we have torches and candles in case of electricity failure. It’s brrrrr-type cold outside, but it’s well above freezing here in the hallway where my trusty old computer […]

The Listening Post…..

….Earlier this year I won an iPod in a draw, and started listening to podcasts. I get insomnia quite a lot, so it’s something to listen to in bed that doesn’t disturb my partner. Wanting to do something useful with those hours, I listen mainly to science and web design podcasts. After listening to maybe […]

Back to Plan B….

I won’t be getting paid as soon as I thought, so all that lovely Yule spending is off. Botheration. No camera, no new whizzy-fast computer. And no prezzies for anyone. (Not that I could have afforded to match the iPhone that Grandchild no.2 received for her birthday last Tuesday – but sending her a gift […]