I believe that is the correct expression to describe the emotion of joyful satisfaction, whilst using this type of electronic media communication thingy.
Anyway, I have now got my computer up and running. Turned out the motherboard is perfectly OK. What was causing everything to stop was some incompatibility between the board and Win98. Basically, when I started installing the board, my poor old lady Windows saw the horrid-looking SATA drive controllers, shrieked in horror, covered her eyes, went straight into compatibility-mode paging and refused to come out. Result, no CD drive, no USB devices.
However, the internet is a wonderful thing. After a couple of hours trawling wthrough forums and help pages, I finally discovered the problem and the solution. Some diddling around in BIOS and the registry finally solved everything.
Almost everything. Still cannot get Win98 to recognise my USB card reader, which is puzzling. The first time I plugged it in, it was recognised straight away, without even asking for drivers (as I recall). I’ve download numerous USB card reader drivers (so many that I’ve exceeded my limit at Driverguide.com), but none of them seem to work.
I’m almost tempted to dig out an old HD and install XP on it, just to be able to download my photographs.

But, everything else is rosy……