Decided I’m probably going to dump the Amazon ads in the very near future. I’ve been using them on several sites for going on three years, putting their affliate link in the code whenever I mention a book or a film, and they’ve earned me the huge sum of £12.88 – in total. That’s not a good return. Plus, they’re a global corporation. Do I really want to support one of those?
But there wasn’t really an alternative – until now. Now Waterstones have started an affliate advertising scheme of their own. I’ve signed up for it, and I’m testing out their ads on another site. If they get good click-through results, then bye-bye Amazon!

If I start making real money through them, I might even wave bye-bye to the Google ads as well. I keep reading on affliate advertising forums and blogs that Google pay-per-click ads have had their day and that only a few big operators* can hope to make a living from them any more. Well, they’re certainly not making me a living – at the moment, I’m getting about only 20 – 30 cents a day from them. That’s not even enough to pay the annual hosting fees on my sites.

And Google is turning into a Global Corporation as well. How much longer will they manage not to make a mockery of their “Don’t Do Evil” tag?

Like this Lucky b*st*rd – yes, that cheque does read $901,733.84!