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More Thoughts

This post is a sort of run-on from the last. I had a bit of a rant there about how “diverse” characters (and I’m not talking just about trans) shouldn’t be shoehorned into a creative work without justification. Welp, I wasn’t really expecting to have my point proved so quickly. I’ve just finished reading Gareth […]


It’s daffodil time here! This isn’t really a painting – well, it obviously isn’t. It’s a photo I put through a few filters.

The Strikeback

Groping women is in the news right now, so I thought I’d share my experience. It was around 1968/69; I was 18 or so. I was living in London, working in an office, travelling by tube every day. Getting touched up on those crowded commuter trains was a fairly routine experience for women in those […]

Wot I Did Yesterday….

So yesterday, I had one of my cataracts fixed – a novel experience. B had his cataracts done a couple of years ago and assured me it was a cakewalk – just a minute or two and it would be all over. Er no, for me it wasn’t. Three or four years ago, I had […]

How I Fell In Love With Dr Joe

Last Friday was a bit of an adventure. It started off at 7:30am with one of my usual tachycardia attacks. After an hour it was clearly not going away, so me & B abandoned our plan to spend the day doing our monthly shop, and I necked a couple of betablockers and settled into bed […]

New Fledgling On the Block…

As you may know, we have had a raven residing in our garden for the last couple of years. To be accurate, he resides in a beech tree just across the road; from there he is lord of all he surveys, which is a large swathe of fields and hillside along with our third of […]

Review: Coffin Road by Peter May

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Ever since I read May’s Lewis Trilogy I have looked out for more of his books, hoping to find more gritty, absorbing mystery thrillers. But I always seem to end up a little disappointed; they’re good books all right but just not up to the standard I was expecting. Entry Island invoked […]

No title

“Accept who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres

No title

Vetinari: “You know, it has often crossed my mind that those men deserve a proper memorial of some sort.” Vimes: “Oh yes? In one of the main squares, perhaps?” Vetinari: “Yes, that would be a good idea.” Vimes: “Perhaps a tableau in bronze? All seven of them raising the flag, perhaps?” Vetinari: “Bronze, yes.” Vimes: […]

The Great Scottish Vote-Rigging Jamboree

So here we go, another conspiracy theory to add to the hundreds already floating around on the internet. There’s been any number of academic treatises written about how and why people latch onto conspiracy theories; there’s at least one website examining the psychology of conspiracy theories. So I’m not going to go into that here; […]