How will our world end? Will it be an asteroid strike? Planet X? Global warming? All-out nuke/biowar? Will we be turned to toast as the Sun goes nova? Or maybe the technological singularity that’s due to arrive by 2030?
All these possibilities, and many more, are offered for your delectation at Exit Mundi!


A random collection of quotes from Christian/far-right forums, gathered by Fundies Say The Darndest Things!:
“Heaven is a planet, approximately 4 1/2 light years from the Earth. Hell is 30 miles below the surface of the Earth, under England, the channel and France.”
“Let’s make this loud and clear… I am a bigot and intolerant when it comes to the perversion of homosexuality. Is that clear?”
“…..Arab astronauts were first into space in the year 1344. This history is rarely found in American textbooks.”
“If you compare the Mein Kampf to the Qur’an, you’ll discover they’re nearly identical”


Become a Galactic Diplomat!

Caution! Do not try this at home!
How to Build Your Own Nuclear Reactor