…That’s what I’m feeling.
I didn’t go to see Doc G after all. Instead, I took a look at the leaflet that comes with my angina medication, the bit that lists all the side-effects. Tiredness – yup, excessive sleepiness – yup, breathlessness – yup, easy bruising – yup; aha, what’s this: “depletion of red blood cells has been observed”? Yes,I could tick off pretty much all the listed side-effects.
So, I’ve stopped taking it. That was a week ago, and I’m feeling a whole lot better. I don’t get exhausted from doing simple housework tasks, I can get up the stairs all in one go, I can breathe deeply and feel the oxygen rushing down to my toes! And I’m feeling a whole lot brighter mentally; I can think faster and my memory isn’t letting me down any more. My personal test of mental acuity is to see how fast I can do a suduko puzzle; before, I was struggling to even complete one a day. Now, I whizz through three or four of WebSudoku‘s Evil puzzles daily.
So – let’s hope it lasts.