…so I’venot been writing much. We both have to work on the 2007 Elfin Diary and we still have only one computer between us.
I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my machine, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the mobo is borked.
Bother. We can’t afford a new one for weeks yet. Bother. BOTHER.

And our neighbour Trevor has died. It wasn’t entirely unexpected – he was a chronic alcoholic, with a failing liver. But it was sudden and shocking all the same. Yesterday, John and Pauline, his immediate neighbours, realised they’d not seen him for days and his car was still parked in its usual place. They have a key to his flat, so they went in and found him collapsed and comatose on his sofa. He had obviously been like that for two or three days – both he and the flat were in a terrible state. An ambulance was called, he went into hosital; we expected that he would be OK for at least a while, once he was geting medical treatment. But he slipped away at four this morning – his body simply gave up.
He had no family but his mother, who is dying from cancer. He has several ex-wives, none of whom would apparently be upset at his passing. His cat died six weeks ago, and he declined from then on. His flat was filled with bottles and empty beer cans, but no food.
He gave up.

I’m pretty upset about it. And there is too much work to be getting on with.

So there’ll be silence from me for a bit.