These last three weeks have been incredibly busy. First, the first batch of Elfin Diaries arrived from the printer at least three weeks earlier than I’d expected, while I was still trying to unravel the structural mess that is the Astrological Association website and before I’d got the Elfin Diaries site sorted with new e-commerce

Clouds and Other Beasties…

So we went to a weekend camp in Yorkshire. Not the usual Oakleaf one, a smaller invitation-only camp. I had a better time than I thought I would. The weather was better than it might have been, only a few heavy showers for a day and half, quite a lot of sunshine the rest of


Wow – haven’t posted anything here for nearly two months. Best get writing then. Like I said before, the month before Xmas was madness here, with Elfin Diary orders coming in all the time. Now the rush is over, I can sit back and analyse the mistakes. The print bill was more than I anticipated

Posting, posting…

Too busy posting stuff to post stuff on here! The first batch of Elfin Diaries finally arrived at Elfin HQ last Wednesday, and I’ve been busy packing them up and dispatching them. Being able to print the postage online is a great time-saver – I can simply print out the labels and hand the packages

Autmn Leaves…..

Been busy, busy busy. The Elfin Diary is still at the printers – should get it next week, hopefully. In the meantime, I’ve been using all those addressed envelopes I was given at Caroline’s house to send out order forms – nearly 600 of them. So far, I’ve had over 100 orders, most of them

Here we go….

I just had a long convo with the printers – the Diary will be with them in a week. I just have to write the Sky at Night stuff, proof the whole lot and we’re off! It’s hard to believe that I’m doing all this, by myself. Of course, I still have to market and

Tomorrow is another day….

Just been out doing some weeding in the garden. The rose is flowering, the scent is heavenly. And I was pleased to see that the honeysuckle is about to flower. Two years ago, I cut it right down to the ground – it was just too wild and overgrown. It started growing back last year,

Second Thoughts….

I’ve been trying out the new dosage that Doc G has prescribed. Haven’t got the new pills yet, but I’ve cut one of my 100mcg tablets into four and taking the extra each evening. Have tried it for two days and although I felt much better on the first day, I’ve been getting more tachycardia