Just been out doing some weeding in the garden. The rose is flowering, the scent is heavenly. And I was pleased to see that the honeysuckle is about to flower. Two years ago, I cut it right down to the ground – it was just too wild and overgrown. It started growing back last year, but sulked then and wouldn’t produce any flowers.
It was Caroline who told me how to prune and train honeysuckle – I’m now training this one over a frame and it will look magnificent in another couple of years.

Her funeral is on Friday – naturally I’ll be there.

And now I have the Elfin Diary, as was her wish. I’m busy finishing the 2012 edition. It’s a couple of months behind and we have no real idea yet of how we’ll get it printed. But the wheels are slowly turning….

I sent a mass email out to all her customers that I had an email address for; nobody else seemed to be thinking of informing them, so I did it myself. I set up a Facebook memorial page also. The responses have been touching. She evidently touched many people though her Diary and newsletters. And I have a duty to carry that on.
It’s a bit intimidating – the Diary appeals to the New Age crowd, the people who believe in ghosts, the afterlife, angels, aliens arriving on UFOs, all that carp. Once I was a believer, like them. But I left all that behind years ago – so much of it is anti-reason, anti-science, anti-logic. However, here I am, pitched right back into it and faced with a very fine line to tread. Well, now I am the editor, so I shall decide what goes in the Diary….