I’ve been trying out the new dosage that Doc G has prescribed. Haven’t got the new pills yet, but I’ve cut one of my 100mcg tablets into four and taking the extra each evening. Have tried it for two days and although I felt much better on the first day, I’ve been getting more tachycardia attacks and general irregular heartbeat and racing heart episodes. Last night was especially bad for that, so today I’m knackered again. Sigh.
Botheration. Back to ye olde drawing board, methinks…

On other matters, I’ve arranged to go down to Lancashire on Wednesday to see Caroline and sort the Elfin Diary stuff i have to take back. She wants me to carry it on. I’m already doing almost all the work for it anyway (bar the marketing and selling) so the only big change there will be is that I get all the profits. There will of course be some changes in the appearance of the Diary – every year I’ve longed to make my own changes, but Caroline was insistent on keeping things exactly the same year after year. “My customers like it that way!” she would always tell me brooking no argument.

So, on with wurk…..