So now the Elfin Diary site has been live since Monday, and taking orders for 2012 diaries and T-Shirts for the last 24 hours.
I’ve sent out an email newsletter to the 350 or so people on my Elfin Diary mailing list and so far I’ve had three Paypal orders. Hopefully, people will eventually be ordering by post as well; as soon as my new printer toner cartridge arrives tomorrow, I’ll be printing out copies of the order form and stuffing them into those 500+ addressed envelopes that Caroline left for me. I now owe rather a lot of money, so I need to sell this stuff! To that end, I’ve been beavering away at the site’s SEO; it’s now on the 2nd page of Google for “astrology diary 2012”, which I reckon is pretty good in such a short time.

Well, looks like I am now a businesswoman. I’ve been having to work on details like profit margins and unit prices, and working out pricing – you have to strike a compromise between charging too little (and not making any money) and charging too much (and losing customers). So far, I seem to have got the pricing thing about right and should end up making enough money to justify the work involved. And there will be quite a lot of work!

So let’s get on with it!