Well, it seems to be here at last. A couple of days of sun and warmth.
Spent most of today in the garden, tidying up the grass mowings, then lounging with a book. I have been trying to get more exercise over th e last couple of weeks, mainly by walking up the hill opposite most evenings. I’ve improved quite a lot since I started – I can now get almost to the top before I have to stop for breath. Once I’m over the top, I can explore the woods, or go scrambling down the hill into the valley. Or just sit on a stump and look at the sunset. I must remember to take some pencils and a sketchpad next time – it feels time to get back into drawing. Must also remember to slap on some midge repellent. Normally, midges ignore me, but up on the hill I’m the only warm-blooded mammal within smelling distance; when I sit down I can see them gathering, preparing to dine: “OK lads it’s not much, I know, but it’s all that available. So, who’s going first? Oh come on, don’t be such scaredy-cats…”
Mind you, the trudging and hill-scrambling, small as it has been, seems to be affecting my knees. Last night, they twinged and ached so that I couldn’t get to sleep until about 4 in the morning. And they’ve been twinging this afternoon. So better stay off the hill for a few days. Got to get stuck into some work anyway – I’m doing the 2012 Elfin Diary. Now I have the template laid out, all the rest is dreadfully boring data-entry stuff. I want to do some design – especially web design. I have plans for designing and selling WordPress themes. But I can’t start on any of it until I get through the dammed Elfin stuff.

So – get stuck in girl…..