…Toothache still continues. It’s actually a bad gum infection -copious rinsings with antiseptic mouthwash give some relief. The main effect is that I can’t eat anything without pain.
Oh well, I needed an incentive to diet anyway.

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  1. Heather Cameron

    Heart went out to you. Suffering same of late.
    Only just found out that raw cashews, mangos, and rose geranium essential oil have Anacardic Acid in them which is lethal to the Gram Bacteria which causes gum infections and tooth abscess. Also black tea bags as poultices really help draw out the infection.

    Previously found Propolis to be very good as a mouth wash, if not allergic to bees. Colloidal silver another.
    Best to you…

  2. Valerie

    Just passing through but may I make a suggestion… use salt water to rinse your mouth, especially sea salt water. you can find sea salt at the health food store. Salt water kills everything. If you can get to a dentist you should find out if a tooth is loose and needs to be pulled and deal with it. You may be losing a tooth to bone loss/old age. I’ve had a little experience with this and I have pretty strong teeth. Also mollycoddle your teeth a bit. No nuts, gum, caramel or crunchy stuff, and get a soft toothbrush. Hope this doesn’t arrive too late. Good luck!

    From another Val… 🙂