Things have been happening…..
B has had his operation, and is slowly recovering. Still gets tired and a bit breathless, but he’s already far better now than he was before the surgery.
Our car is dead – needs a new fuel pump. B’s still not well enough to do any lengthy walking, so I’m doing all the walk-about shopping stuff. It’s not too bad – the local Co-op now does home deliveries. The catch being that you actually have to go to the shop and buy the stuff – you can’t do it online. Still, that’s a sight better than hauling a trolleyfull of goods onto the bus and back from the village. We’ve settled into a weekly routine now – I go into town at the start of the week and get the whole week’s shopping home-delivered, then go out once or twice more during the week for fresh bread and milk.
I can just about manage that. My problem is that I don’t seem to have much energy to spare. Just walking around the shops for an hour leaves me exhausted, so that I have to flop onto the sofa as soon as I get home and stay flopped for the rest of the afternoon. I had a blood test last week and got the result today – my thyroid levels are low and I need a higher dose of levothyroxine. So that’s probably the cause of my tiredness. I bloody well hope so; I don’t want to lose a whole day to tiredness every time I go out shopping, or just a bit of walking.

An old friend is dying. Caroline Heaney, who has been publishing the Elfin Magical Diary for the last 20+ years, is now very seriously ill. For a couple of years, she’s been treated for a chronic blood disorder that meant she had no white blood cells. Then earlier this year she went down with pneumonia; I thought she was recovering from that, but she’s going rapidly downhill again. I’ve spoken to her by phone, she’s not all there, she’s distant and a little confused; she says she’s dying…. She’s such a strong person normally, she never gives up. So it looks bad.
Not an easy person to deal with, she infuriated me many times in the past; but she was also kind and generous, a good soul underneath it all. She was direct and didn’t hide her feelings – that’s what I liked about her, I think. You knew exactly where you stood with her. She was what she was.
And I’ve only just noticed that I’m already talking about her in the past tense….