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May 2009

Dr Who News

The new Doctor’s companion has just been announced. – and she looks about 15.. Which fits in, I suppose, with a Doctor Who who looks no more than seventeen. Now I’m sure it’s not me that’s getting old and thinking that all the latest Doctor Whos look terribly young – don’t they look really young […]

Me Again….

…so I’ve been having a think over the last few days and resolved a few internal issues. So (touch wood) I won’t be posting many more self-pitying whinges in here. One of the things I decided on was that I can and should break out of set routines when I get bored with them. So, […]

Bryter Layter….

Well, I didn’t get out for a walk today – it was raining on and off. Also, we decided to start some housecleaning in preparation for next weekend, and B started putting carpet tiles on the stairs. Also, the car seems to have fixed itself – originally, B thought it was the ignition/immobiler system at […]


…or trying to plan… Over the last couple of months, I’ve been getting a feeling that I should be doing more with my life. Every day is pretty much the same and it’s getting hard to avoid a feeling of ennui. Not having any money has a lot to do with it – trying to […]

A Lamb’s Tale…

After posting yesterday’s bout of self-pitying neepery, I switched off the comp and went outside to take in the evening. There’s a field outside our door, where sheep graze. It’s just one of several linked fields they spend their days wandering in and out of, following the grazing; it has a couple of pens in […]

Thoughts, randomly….

I’ve decided to give up on developing a CMS for the Oakleaf Circle site. It’s just too difficult for me to hack any sort of directory-type listing. So I’ll crack on with updating the old site – I’ve well behind with that. I’ll probably mess around with the design a bit, refresh it. Generally, I’m […]

Electronicae (2)

The computer saga continues…. After my motherboard blew, I remembered there were a couple of old boards at the bottom of my Big Box of Computer Bits. I went a looked, and joy, both of them took my processor and memory. One of them, I knew, wasn’t working (don’t ask me why I’d kept it); […]