Yup. Knew it was coming, but it was still an unhappy surprise. The Astrological Association is dropping the hardcopy edition of Transit, the magazine that I edit. They’ve sweetened the pill by telling me that I can set up and run the online edition on its own dedicated website (and paying me a setup fee for doing so), but they’ve not given me any details about what I’ll be paid for running it. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be a lot less than what I’m getting now.
So, that’s a drop in income that I’ll have to recoup from somewhere else – better buckle down and start finding work.
(Aaaargh. WORK…..)
As I said, i could see it coming – the Association is losing members, while costs are rising. Savings had to be made somewhere. So I’ve been given if not not quite the chop, more like a squeezing up and reshaping…
Anyway, I’m unpleased.