….especially for Leonard Cohen. Unbelievably, I’d never heard his song Hallelujah before today.
It was bought to my attention because there is a campaign to make the Jeff Buckley version the Christmas no 1, instead of the newly-released version by some manufactured reality-show popster. I’ve listened to the Buckley version (and the versions by kd lang, John Cale and Sheryl Crowe); I still think the original is the best, but I’ve done my bit for the “Buckley for no. 1” campaign by flinging my 79p at Itunes * (where it’s currently seventh on the download charts).
Listening to it now – as ever, I am awed by how some people can create great and beautiful art…..

*Just been to the Facebook group that’s leading the campaign and discovered they don’t want anybody buying it until tomorrow (the 15th), because that’s when the Beeb starts counting downloads for the Christmas week list. Oh well, I’ll just download it again – that’s a few more pennies for the Buckley estate.