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I can haz music….

My iPod arrived today – wo0t!! It took me a while to figure out the touchpad controls, and I’m still trying to find out how to turn the damm thing off to save the battery. But I can now have music whenever I want it. Which won’t be all the time, or even most of […]

I Am Reading….

…Sara Maitland’s The Book of Silence – an autobiographical essay on her search for, and meditations on, silence. I can agree with much of what she writes – of how silence should be regarded a presence, not an absence, for instance; and her joy at living alone and reasonably secure is well expressed, and makes […]

Hallelujah for songwriters…

….especially for Leonard Cohen. Unbelievably, I’d never heard his song Hallelujah before today. It was bought to my attention because there is a campaign to make the Jeff Buckley version the Christmas no 1, instead of the newly-released version by some manufactured reality-show popster. I’ve listened to the Buckley version (and the versions by kd […]

Riding Out The Opposition…

For me, the big event of the day was an exact astrological opposition between Uranus and Saturn. So I’ve avoided getting involved in any celestial pile-ups by spending my time at the pooter, struggling to get to grips with Joomla. My long-awaited Building Websites With Joomla 1.5 arrived last week, but I was too busy […]