…last night. The phone rang, the display showing a mobile number. I picked it up and a mechanical voice started reading out gobbleygook. It sounded like random characters, no recognisable words (apart from what sounded like ‘troll’), with a great many “semi-colon”s and “zero”s.
I eventually worked out that somebody was text-messaging our landline. However, the mobile number wasn’t listed in our address book. So it was somebody with our number in their phone either trying to text-message us whilst blind drunk, or lying on top of their phone in the middle of extremely athletic sex.
I’d like to think it was the latter. 😀 If it was you, tell me. (I’ll treat your call in the greatest confidence, of course…)

ETA: Found out what it was about. We have no mobile phone reception at all in and around the house, so we only use our mobe for emergency calls when we’re out. This morning, we went out shopping, and I happened to check the mobile for messages (something that I do only about twice a month, since everybody knows we don’t use a mobile). Anyway, there was a VCard from an acquaintance, with the same timestamp as the phone call.
So that was what the call was all about – there were lots of formatting characters in the message, and the robot had simply read them all out. Nobody was drunk, having sex or in any other way enjoying themselves.