Getting off Verapamil wasn’t so easy as it appeared. It’s thankfully gone now, but for the last three days, I had a continual headache; looking at various medical sites, it fitted all the signs of a Tension Headache – slightly stiff neck, runny nose, getting worse through the day. And I’ve been having lots to get tense about – paying the damm coal bill, forex; additionally, the bright screen of my laptop could have been giving me eyestrain. And it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the headaches I used to get before my thyroid problems were diagnosed – the headaches then got to the point where they produced vomiting and retching.
I was naturally worried for a while. But when one of the sites mentioned that Verapamil was a treatment, I knew what was happening – I was ‘cold turkeying’ from the stuff.
Anyway, I feel fine now.