….yesterday was a bit of a washout for me, owing to another night-time tachycardia attack. I turned over in bed, an internal switch jumped and the smooth, slow bloop-BLIP of my heartbeat went in an instant to a 180bpm BLAMBLAMBLAM slam-beat. So, once the initial o-shit-its-a-heart-attack panic had been firmly squashed I spent a leisurely three or so hours contemplating mortality and the fragility of the flesh. (Normal activity is impossible during an attack – physical activity makes me ill and faint, mental concentration is constantly interrupted by the background BLAMBLAMBLAM – like having a teenagers’ all-nighter going on next door.) It eventually stopped and I got back to sleep. But I felt like crap for the whole day after. Remembering Doc G’s cheery advice that every tachycardia attack is giving my heart an Olympic-level physical workout didn’t really make me feel any better.
I took a beta-blocker, as per Doc G’s advice. Though I’m not sure if it actually does any good; it doesn’t seem to shorten the attacks. But I don’t really feel like finding out for sure.
Taking a beta-blocker every day stops the tachycardia from happening; it also gives me sleeping problems, nightmares, insomnia, mental wooliness and limb pains. So, on balance, I’ll take a tachycardia attack once or twice a month instead. That way, I only feel like crap for one or two days a month, instead of all the time.

But I’ve managed to get some work done. I did some well-overdue updating on my Life On Mars fansite to reflect the spin-off series that is starting tomorrow. I bought the domain for Oakleaf Design & print; can’t afford the hosting as yet, so it’s pointed to a subdomain for the time being.
I’d spent the weekend putting the site together; it took at least twice as long as it should have because B kept changing his mind about the text. I offered to show him how to edit the text himself, but he shuddered at the idea; so i had to keep going back and altering this or that word myself.
I’m very pleased with the way the ODP site looks – it’s probably my best design so far. Well, I think so anyway.

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  1. Sara Willow

    I’m worried about you. Can’t you have a pacemaker or something?

  2. Don’t worry! I’ve had my heart thoroughly checked twice now by the local Cardiology Unit, and it’s healthy. Two cardiologists have assured me that my type of tachycardia is not harmful. Just a bloody nusiance.

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