This is not Sylvia Browne’s blog

In cas you hadn’t heard of the lady, Sylvia Browne is a famous American pyschic greedy heartless fraud. She appears on a weekly TV show, sells books, and does phone readings for a mere 700 bucks a pop (if you can’t quite run to that sort of money, her son does phone readings for only $400 a time).
Anyway, there’s a lady named Elizabeth who blogs about her health problems. In October 2004, she wrote in this post about having a phone consultation with SB:

I had seen the psychic Sylvia Brown on shows like Montel Williams and Larry King telling people what their health problems were. So I arranged a phone consultation. Guess what? She told me my problem was yeast! I said I had thought of that before and had a test that didn’t show anything and I never had yeast infections. She said it just hides itself in your system and you have to get rid of it. I tried a yeast diet for awhile but then was diagnosed with panic disorder so I kind of forgot about it. Wasn’t thinking that the panic could be caused by the yeast problems.

That was all she wrote about her. The next February, this comment appeared:

just want to know if this things are read by sylvia brown herself, if n e 1 can tell me, i need real help from a physcic. thnkx.

Elizabeth replied promptly, telling the person to try Browne’s website. But, about 3 weeks later, another comment:

dear syliva
I see you on montel all th time
i have two questions for you?
first one is I se my dad once in a ahile? my dad has past on in the year 2000
i have been married for 4 yrs hes now my husband but nmy dad has never seen my aparment up here in flagstaff?
he has woken me up whi;e i was sleeping on my couch and i thought it was my husband?
how i see my dad i seee him in white it hapened the first time when i was sick with the fu
and then i hear strang knocks at my door and there is no one there? could this be my dad is watching over me?
and the second question is do you now if i will find work sooon!

And more followed.
And more.
And still more. Somehow, word had got round that Sylvia Browne was writing this blog – or at least reading it – and would answer peoples’ questions if they posted there.
Elizabeth did post some more in the comments, telling people that she’s not Sylvia Browne and to please stop posting their questions there; others also posted comments saying likewise.
But still the desperate questions kept coming in.
“Do you ever see me getting together with the guy i like? ”
“I am reading Mother God and I was wondering if Azna came down to Earth as the Virgin Mary?”
“I need help”
“Hello,I am so glad to finally be able to reach you som how,my father suppossably died in aug 2000,I just learned of this last year,and I hurt so badly now I miss him so very much,and I just want to know how it happened,did he suffer,”
“Sylvia I would like to know if a boy named Oscar Torres will ever like me even if I stay big”

Some of them are heart-rending:If there is a fee for this question please let me know so i can find the money to pay you? but my Husband has been missing since Sunday night June 19th,2005 very unlike him. All the money is missing from the supermarket (manhattan NY)that he’s manger of, he closes at night alone the door was left unlocked cell phone and keys were found in the store. I want to know if he’s in pain or is he alive or maybe were we can find him, I would take any one of those answers.if possiable. please his wife, miss him and worried about him. Thank You! Jean

The last time I looked (today), the comments were up to 348*. Yesterday, Ingrida posted: “i have a problem, i would like to get in contact with you. please when you see this message get in touch.”, just below yet another desperate plea from the blog’s author that she has nothing at all to do with Sylvia Browne.

These are the kind of sad, desperate people that creatures like Sylvia Browne are exploiting and using and f**king over and getting extremely wealthy from. This is one of the times when I wish there was really a Hell, so that these type of parasitic b******s will eventually end up there.

*Today, 12th Dec: 357 and rising……

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  1. I get a similar problem with my Bargain of the Day feature, with people thinking that I’m the person selling the ridiculous religious tat, despite the links to the site where they are for sale. And when I feature a haunted something-or-other on eBay, well the comments go wild with idiots!

  2. I’m half-expecting that to happen anyway, and if it does, I’ll just turn off the comments to this post.
    There are some pretty damm stupid people around. Which is how people like Sylvia Browne make a pretty damm nice living.