Been struggling for the last three hours to get the new design for the Oakleaf Circle site cross-browser compatible.
Which means making it look right in IE6, as well as Firefix and Opera. M$, of course, have their own bowser standards that don’t nessessarily coincide with those of other browsers. Which means that only the very simplest of sites look precisely the same in all the major browsers. All too often, what looks pixel-perfect in Firefox becomes a wreck in IE.
Which means that what should be a quite simple design job in theory becomes, in fact, hair-tearingly complicated. And for no good reason at all!
Now M$ are about to release EI7. Nobody seems knows yet what new compatability problems that will bring – my dependable site for IE layout hacks, Position Is Everything, are still scrambling to rewrite everything.
Grrrr. I’m going off to have a nice cup of tea…..