…Sue & Bob moved in to Grahm’s old house, a day earlier than I’d expected. Had made plans to bake them a loaf and carry it ceremonially into the house as a good-luck sign. But I had to make do with a bottle of my home-made wine. Sure that will have much the same effect!
Gave Son most of my old computer bits, plus my trusty PC Upgrading & Repair book – he was complaining that he’s bored, so now he can get busy building a working computer. By the time he’s done that, I should have enough cash to buy him a wireless networking card and glom him into my broadband network. Then he’ll be kept busy downloading music and IMing his mates!
I might find out if Bob and Sue want to share my broadband network as well – they can pay a third of the costs and we’ll all save money.

My drawing artbox
I’ve started doing more drawing, and run out of sketchbooks! I’ll get a good sketchbook at the end of the month; I’ve plenty of loose A3 drawing paper to fill, but a sketchbook is useful. I might get a porper drawing board as well.
The photo shows my artbox, where I keep all my drawing and watercolour stuff (I keep my oils and acrylics in a another box). I cleaned and sorted it out today, discovering that I have an inordinate number of watercolour pencils and pastels – I hardly ever use watercolours. I mainly use coloured drawing pencils, and I’m short of several shades in those. So that’s more to add to my art shopping list.