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It’s daffodil time here! This isn’t really a painting – well, it obviously isn’t. It’s a photo I put through a few filters.


Have made a start on selling my photographs and set up an account at PhotoBoxGallery where people can buy prints; at the mo, I’ve only uploaded a few landscape photos. I have an old account at RedBubble, where I’ll probably sell my more ‘arty’ stuff; there’s just a few old images there now – when […]

Autumn Leaves….

Finally got my new camera – not the proper DSLR model I had hoped for (couldn’t manage to save up enough for that) but a decent enough compact digital. It was supposed to arrive a week ago but got lost in a Glasgow warehouse and arrived only yesterday. So far I’ve few complaints about it […]

Art, Meaning of.. (And Other Things)

Went for a drive today, to find the Striding Arches, a piece of land art by Andy Goldsworthy. Last autumn, signposts for it went up all over Galloway, so we finally decided to see what the fuss was about. Finding the arches wasn’t so easy. I went online for info, but couldn’t find a precise […]

Thought For Today…

Yesterday, we went for a drive out in the the forest. Not far, just along the Old Edinburgh Road and around a few forest tracks. Visiting a tiny loch, we spotted one of the new sculptural artworks that have been erected in this area – a tall conical spire of red sandstone blocks, built right […]


Remember that landscape painting I started back in January? Well, I struggled and strugled with it, repainted it again and again. But it just wouldn’t work. Nothing came right. So, the other day, in a fit of anger after a final futile attempt, I got a tube of white and smeared it all over the […]

Loch Ken

Managed to get some photos of the loch this afternoon, misty, cool, very still. Got some good shots like this one.

Rat Brain Art

OK, this BBC news item is over three years old. But true weirdness doesn’t date. Meet the latest spaced out modern artist – a picture-drawing robot arm in Australia whose brain sits in a petri dish in the US. Working from their university labs in two different corners of the world, American and Australian researchers […]


Went out this morning and shot off a few photos of natural textures – closeups of grass, bark, moss, stone etc. Rather too many of them came out like this: Looks like a bad case of camera shake. But, visually interesting…..

Instead of the football…

…I shall carry on with my present artwork-in-progress. It’s a pencil drawing on A3 cartridge paper, using just three colours (vermillion, Spectrum Blue and indigo). I’ve been working on it on and off for a couple of months, just picking it up now and then and doing 10 minutes or so. This is the way […]