….I’m back to blogging after a long (for me) absence. I was just too flaming busy. I still am, but I’ve decided I could spend ten minutes updating my blog.
So, what’s been happening chez Dobson? We’re a lot nearer to getting the Volvo back on the road. Well, it’s drivable now, but not legal; after putting in new brake discs, we took it for its MOT on Teusday and it got failed on a steering mechanism fault. So that had to be fixed. Now we have to take it back to be retested, paying the full £44 test fee all over again. Sheesh – it cost less than £30, including parts, labour and VAT – to correct the steering fault, and that was the car’s only fault. But that’s the regulations now. Once we get the MOT certificate, we’ll sell or P/E it, and get something smaller and and a lot less fuel-guzzling.
There’s been a death here. Long expected, for sure – it was Graham’s Dad, who’s had more arguments with the Grim Reaper than I’ve had chocolate biscuits – but still very sad. It means Graham is going to be moving out, and new neighbours moving in.
The weather’s been kind; while most of the country was buried in snow, we’ve scarcely seen a flake of it. We’ve certainly had some freezing tempertures though.
I’m to be a granny again; Daughter no3 is expecting a baby – a girl – in July. And Daughter no2 has announced that she and BF are getting married – in 2008. Well, she’s a Virgo – she likes to plan well ahead! At least it will give me some time to find a decent outfit for the do; at D3’s wedding last year, I had to borrow a jacket to go over my all-purpose black dress and still managed to look like an escapee from a care home.

And that’s the news for now…..