Didn’t have a good night last night. lay awake for hours quietly worrying over bills and stuff. Then, when I did drift off, I had all kinds of restless dreams.
The one I remember was set in Wigan. No, I don’t know why, either. I dream quite a lot about Wigan nowadays. A lot of my dreams used to be set in London; now it seems that Wigan has taken over as both the stage for my nocturnal adventures and the simulcra of my subconcious.
It was one of those long, tangled dreams – involving a wrecked house, sirens, a silly young woman nagging me to comment on her dress, a sky full of red-and-black roiling clouds, foreboding, somebody telling me I was pregnant, a dragging tiredness, an inability to speak…..
When I woke up, I had a banging headache and a noseful of green snot. So that probably explained a lot of my disturbed sleep. Though it still didn’t explain Wigan.