I had today all planned out. I’dtake the bus into Dumfries, have a long lesiurely ride, spend lots of time browsing the the library, go around the shops and pick up a few things and have a long lesiurely ride back.
The bus comes past my house; like all rural buses, it stops wherever the passengers want to get on or get off. That’s what makes it so convenient – I don’t have to drag a bag of shopping half a mile home from the village.
Every Saturday morning, it trundles by at around 9.35 or maybe 9.36; sometimes it’s as late as 9.40. This morning, I stepped out of the house at 9.32. Just in time to see it roaring by.
I waved frantically, but it didn’t even slow down. It must have been a different driver this morning – the usual driver knows me and always slows down at my house, in case I’m waiting.
Anyway, I suppose I’ll go into Castle Douglas instead – means walking to and from the village, and there isn’t anything like the variety of shops. And the library’s much smaller.
But at least it will get me out of the house!

I had wanted to take some photos, too, while I wa around Dumfries. As i haven’t yet been able to find a picture gallery plugin for WordPress that doesn’t involve adding code to the page template (which i hate having to do), I’ve decided to start a photo-blog for my pictures. It’s currently at www.valdobson.wordpress.com. I’m not sure I’ll stick with it – there’s only 25meg allocated for each blog, which would probably hold about 100 of pictures and thumbnails, I reckon. Plus, WordPress.com don’t allow Adsense or JS-coded affliate advertising. Which is fair enough – they obviously down’t want to follow Blogger down the path of splogdom. But it would have been a little bit of extra revenue for me.
And I do mean little. I had my first affiliate payment from Amazon last month – a whole £10.99. And this was the sum total from two years of affliate advertising! My Google Adsense program seems to be doing a little better, but I have to accumulate $100 before they pay me anything. At the present rate, I might just get my first payment in time for next Chrimbo.

And, talking about my photos, there are one or two that I think are very good. I may even upload them to MorgueFile.