2007 Ephemeris Published

Cover image of Raphaels Ephemeris 2007OK, this is a bit of an ad. Foulshams very kindly sent me a complimentary copy of their 2007 Raphaels Ephemeris. They didn’t say so, but they’re probably hoping for a blurb in Transit.
I’d like to do so, but I’ve been told off by the AA Office for doing this in the past without getting the author/publisher to pay for an ad.
So, instead I’ll put the blurb here. It’s got all the usual features,nothing new. But, as always, it’s a terrifically handy little resource. And, as you can see, the cover this year is a rather striking colour!

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  1. AA Fools! (longer version: why am I not surprised?) Most decent publications are willing to publicize this sort of thing, as it is interesting to the readers.

    And anyway, all astrology afficianados know that Raphael’s is the best yearly ephemeris out there.

    Of course, Raphael’s will sell just fine without having to pay for an ad in Transit or the Journal. Which they know…so if the AA is thinking that this sort of thing will bring them more ad revenue, they are flat-out wrong. Better to do the best job they can to serve the readers and ad money will follow.