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Review: Under The Dome

I read Stephen King’s Under The Dome when it first came out a couple of years ago; for me, it really was one of those books that you don’t want to stop reading. So when the recent TV adaptation came out, I made sure to start watching. I nearly stopped watching after that first episode […]

So Last Night…..

….having another bout of insommnia, I stayed up. With nothing much on the TV, I resorted to my usual nighttime amusement of watching CNN with the sound turned off, trying to guess what they’re talking about purely from what’s on the screen. The culture divide and the insular nature of US news can make it […]

Just Say No….

Didn’t have the TV on at all for most of yesterday. Got very bad-tempered at having my usual news programmes hijacked by the Global Jackothon (even Al-Jazeera was covering it). In consequence, I got quite a lot of reading done, plus decided to start once again brushing up on my PHP/Wordpress skills. This morning I […]

Dr Who News

The new Doctor’s companion has just been announced. – and she looks about 15.. Which fits in, I suppose, with a Doctor Who who looks no more than seventeen. Now I’m sure it’s not me that’s getting old and thinking that all the latest Doctor Whos look terribly young – don’t they look really young […]

No Longer Inebriated….

….to prove it, I can spell BANANAS! I thought I had polished off all my banana wine last night, but I’ve just discovered a bottle hiding away in the kitchen, trembling in trepidation. Never, fear, little bottle, you shall remain virginal – for the time being…. I’m now brewing a further two gallons – a […]