Didn’t have the TV on at all for most of yesterday. Got very bad-tempered at having my usual news programmes hijacked by the Global Jackothon (even Al-Jazeera was covering it). In consequence, I got quite a lot of reading done, plus decided to start once again brushing up on my PHP/Wordpress skills.
This morning I switched on BBC News hoping to find Jackomania dying down. But no luck – a 15-minute Jackofest lead the news. Then we got a whole five minutes of a renewable energy report. Now it’s back to the Jackofest. Gahhhhh.
“So I take it you’ll be watching Wimbledon today?” said B. He’s a bit of a tennis fan, and will watch it if there’s no football or motor-racing on; I’m not a sports fan, but will watch some finals if they look exciting. “Probably” said I. “But you can just bet that Cliff Richard will be there, singing a Jackson tribute medley!”
“You evil old witch!” he shouted. “You should have a wart on yer nose!”