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…for not posting in such a long time. Been pretty busy this lazy month. Finally got Transit launched on Monday – you can admire it here. Getting it together was an anxious time – I was so keen to impress. And I had loads of Elfin Diary work to do at the same time – […]

Wood & Water

Today we had another wood-fest at the Steadings. It stopped raining this morning, so Graham went over with his chainsaw and cut up lots of the logs that had been left at the bottom of the hill. In the meantime, Brian & John set to work on chainsawing the big pile of birch logs that […]

Wood We….

Here in the Steadings, the afternoon was devoted to wood. First of all, Graham and John (the Steadings’ two “muscles”) chopped a pile of logs into fuel, which Carol, Brian, me & Pauline, plus Graham’s sister Fran and her two boys, generally ran around shifting the wood, piling it into barrows and getting it to […]

Stone Me

One of my little rituals is to walk up to the village every Sunday morning to buy a Sunday paper. This morning, as usual, I passed by the cottage with the trilithon in the front garden. It’s not a full-size trilithon, obviously; all of two feet high, it’s made from two six-inch wide slabs of […]