Sculpture at Black Loch

Yesterday, we went for a drive out in the the forest. Not far, just along the Old Edinburgh Road and around a few forest tracks.
Visiting a tiny loch, we spotted one of the new sculptural artworks that have been erected in this area – a tall conical spire of red sandstone blocks, built right by the waterside. Coming up to have a look at it, we found it had a horizontal hole through the middle, at just about eye-level.
There was no notice to explain it, nothing to identify the artist. But that’s how I like these sort of things. It’s sort of nice to come across one while you’re out exploring; I like it that they’re not identified, don’t have some pompous “artist’s statement” attached to them – I have always thought that if an artwork needed explaining then it’s not much good. These forest sculptures are just there, as themselves; you have to look at them and explore them for yourself, allow them to speak to you, without preconceptions. You can sit back and listen to their stories.