Dealt with another 20-odd sp*m comments this morning. What’s so attractive about my little blog? It never used to be this bad. Just to be safe, I’ve tightened up my site security, changing the password and username. Luckily, my hosting company is very good with server security and in the six or seven years I’ve been with them, I’ve never had any worries there. The one time a site of mine got hacked, it was due to me unknowingly uploading some virus code on a WordPress template page; I got on to tech support about it and they immediately – and I’m talking about within two hours of contacting them – checked the whole site for me.

Not been on Facebook – I’ve decided to give that a rest for now. My perennial communication problem seem to be getting worse nowadays; either I misunderstand/don’t understand, or I get misunderstood myself. So I speak even less to people now, it’s easier. It’sOK if I have time to think and analyse; but I often didn’t stop to do that when responding to FB posts. So writing blog posts like this is better for me. I know its part of having Asperger’s, but it didn’t used to be this bad.
Oh well, something to be dealt with…. And at least I’ve more time to work on the Diary now that I’m not frittering away the day with Facebook.