Our house in the snow.

Our house in the snow - that's the moon in the sky, not the sun.

Had a good few days away visiting the family in Lancashire. Came back in time to beat the snow, but bought back a lurgy. Don’t know if it was a very bad cold or mild flu, but it kept me low for a couple of days after and has left me with a bad(ish) cough.
It’s not snowing much at all here – just a couple of inches today (I took the picture this afternoon), and the prospects for the next few days look encouraging. Nevertheless, we’ve been busily stocking up and should be able to survive at least a week stuck in the house.

Took lots of buses while I was down south. I had hoped to be able to use my Scottish bus pass there, but no luck; I ended up spending a huge (for me) amount on bus fares, which severely curtailed my plans to get around and say hallo to everybody. (And the buses was probably where I picked up the lurgy .) But at least I got to play my favourite sport of people-watching.
For example, on a Chorley bus, I was greatly entertained by Anorak Girl. A schoolgirl, aged about thirteen, on the top deck with her mates, she came hurtling down the stairs howling and in tears; hurling herself into a corner seat, she curled up, flung her anorak over her head and continued her weeping. I was feeling quite sorry for her until she went and spoiled the effect by lifting up a corner of her anorak to see if anybody was watching, before ducking back into hiding. Two minutes later, another schoolgirl came downstairs, looking around for her; I caught her eye and silently pointed to the still-sobbing heap of anorak; she nodded wearily and went back upstairs. Another two minutes, and Anorak Girl suddenly decided she’d had enough of being dramatic, flung off the anorak and went back upstairs; shortly thereafter, rowdy singing, shrieking and gales of laughter percolated down from the upper deck. A little while later, Anorak Girl and her friends came down and got off the bus; she was smiling cheerfully and wearing her anorak back to front.