….I really do have to get myself organised. I need to keep three websites regularly updated, and I’m falling behind with that; last week I bought myself a WordPress theme design book so that I can improve my web design skills, but I’ve not even looked at it yet; I’m trying to figure out how to get the Elfin Diary online shop working – I suspect may have to switch to another ecommerce program, and that will take time to learn.
And so on. Then there’s all the daily keep-the-household-running stuff to get done – with B not up to doing anything that involves exertion, I’m doing the heavy lifting and a lot of the running around and fetching stuff, on top of the usual housework. Then there’s the books to get through. I have three books that I really should read – I’m slowly getting through one, but the other two (which I nagged the library for months to get me) have remained virginal. I don’t seem to have much time to read anymore.
At the end of each day, I seem to have done a lot, but there’s lots left undone – leaving me with a nagging sense that I should be working harder and footling around on the internet a lot less…..

B is still waiting to hear from the hospital about his op – it’s been over a week now, and it was supposed to be fairly urgent. We’ve had a new postie for the last couple of weeks and he’s not been terribly competent so far, delivering the wrong mail all over the village. We’re due two or three other pieces of post that haven’t arrived yet; I can only hope that B’s hospital letter hasn’t gone walkabout.
It’s fairly silly that hospitals are still sending out appointments and letters by snailmail – there should be the option of getting these things by email as well, precisely to avoid these lost-in-transit situations. Even white-haired old grannies like me know how to use email!
Which reminds me – one of the few bits of post that have arrived is my pensioners’ bus pass. Though I don’t know how much use I will be able to get out of it – the council has already started cutting bus services in the county. But hey ho….