…so I’ve been having a think over the last few days and resolved a few internal issues. So (touch wood) I won’t be posting many more self-pitying whinges in here.

One of the things I decided on was that I can and should break out of set routines when I get bored with them. So, last night, instead of flobbing out in front of a screen – as I do most evenings – I went for a walk.
It was a lovely evening, with a crescent moon in the sky and the setting sun turning the sky pink. B went with me – we went up and around the castle. The midges were out and he was getting bitten quite badly, so he went back home after that.
But midges hardly ever bother me – I certainly wasn’t getting bitten. So I carried on exploring a couple of fields and some woodland I hadn’t been in for yonks. Walking under trees in the twilight is a magical experience.
But eventually, I had to turn home – it was getting too dark to see and my legs and lungs were complaining. But I slept like a log. This morning my knees are still aching, so I’ve had to stay at home while B goes out walking and exploring.
But I’m feeling a lot happier, and it’s not just down to the glorious sunshine. I shall deffo get out of the house more, instead of sitting indoors feeling sorry for myself. Now, I’m off to weedicide the lawn. Die weeds, DIE!!!!