…about techie web development matters in this post, so pass over if you’re not interested.
Transferring a complete WordPress blog from one server to another is supposed to be pretty simple – WordPress has an Import/Export function that makes it almost a one-click operation.
Having got the new WordPress-based Transit site almost complete on my local server, I decided to try a dry run, transferring it all (after backing everything up, of course) up to a folder on the Oakleaf Circle site. Lucky that I did. Most of it worked; unfortunately, some of the database tables didn’t transfer. These were the links and the events tables – the ones that I spent hours keyboarding in, with hundreds of entries. I can’t see what the problem is, unless it’s to do with the fact that the OC server has an older version of MySQL than my WAMP server – this may be why there appears to be no way of easily importing tables into the OC database, whereas my own MySQL database has a one-click import function. Hopefully, the server for the new site won’t have this bug – I don’t know MySQL well enough to import tables manually, and keyboarding in about two hundred entries for the second time is not my idea of a fun way to pass the time.
However, I’m still waiting for news about it – my query email about it a few days ago has gone unanswered so far. It’s got to be up and fully running by the end of the month; I’d like at least a week to sort out the bugs.
Additionally, I’m waiting to upgrade my computer – the new memory chips arrived the other day and there’s a huge new hard drive sitting on my desk, just begging to be plugged in, formatted and filled. But I can’t do any of that until Transit is all bedded down on its new server.