…Coming off verapamil has meant that I can now drink alcohol (fairly moderately). Before, more than one small glass of wine was liable to leave me feeling very ill indeed (something to do with the way the the drug affects the liver’s alcohol processing).
We have had Daughter no.3 + husband up for the weekend; I drank two glasses of my home-made banana wine at supper and felt fine. This afternoon, we all had lunch together and I drank three (large) glasses of wine – I now feel extremely cheerful and not at all unwelll.
It’s been a nice weekend – we all had a great gossip and I got news of all the family back down south. Then this morning, me & B took them to our (hopeful) future house, deep in the forest. It was only just above freezing; there had been some snow up there and it was icy and frozen underfoot. I only fell over the once, but I have learned to fall properly, going with the fall and folding myself into the ground instead of jerking and trying to stay upright. I’ll probably have a nasty bruise on my hip tomorrow, but nothing worse. It was a very good walk, even though it left both me & B pretty tired.
I am now looking at my Xmas prezzie from the family – a large flat-screen monitor. It’s incredibly bright; I’ve turned down the brightness to 80% but the colours still look weirdly psychedelic. My old monitor clearly had something wrong with the brightness control – when I watched Youtube videos before, I always thought the dark colours were the fault of bad filming. I’ve been watching some of the same videos today and am amazed at the difference.

Anyway, I am feeling happy……
For a change.