Oh well, been put on yet another lot of pills to try out. This time, it’s Verapamil ; it’s yet another calcium blocker, like the last lot. But Doc G says it will probably suit me better, and has different side effects. I bloody hope so – the Solatol gave me permanantly dry eyes and blurred vision, so I couldn’t read a book or look at the computer screen for long; also I was permanently tired, breathless, lethargic and mildly depressed. (On the plus side, I was sleeping better than I expected.)
Anyway, that’s why I’ve not posted anything recently. We’ll see how this new pill goes.
Maybe it will cure my procrastination – I’ve always had something of a problem with getting going on anything, but these last couple of weeks, I’ve not been wanting to anything that smacks of work. “Oh, look! The sun’s out – now’s the time to do some gardening instead of this….”)
A conversation with a friend the other night gave me the idea to research an article/blog post on the 2012 hysteria. He reminded me that Terence McKenna had predicted years ago that 2012 was some sort of singularity point for humanity, but without referencing the Mayans. So I’ve decided to try and find out who came up with the whole “2012 is Teh END!!!11!!” idea first – Terence “Psychonaut” McKenna, or Joseph “Harmonic Convergence” Arguelles (Arguelles was, I think, the first NuAger to claim that the Mayans had predicted it). It’ll be an interesting bit of research – and another excuse not to do any actual work!