If spam is any indication of what most of the world’s population really want, then we’re in trouble. I’ve been looking through the latest batch of comment spam caught on this blog; out of a hundred or so, there are only four subjects. In order, they are:
1) Pr0n;
2) Fake designer handbags;
3) Penis-enlarging drugs;
4) Fake designer watches.

Spammers aren’t daft. They don’t expend time on advertising stuff that average people don’t have a huge hunger for.
Which is why such a list depresses me. Is this all most people really want in life? Sex, bling and huge willies? If so, roll on the Apocalypse…..

ETA: Just two hours after I wrote this, the first comment spam flogging bloody d*s*gn*r h*ndb*gs hit this post. On the bright side, it shows that my site is well and truly SE-optimised.